Cawa is now available on YourCampus!

November 24, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that YourCampus users can now contribute to high-quality climate projects through Cawa! 🌱

YourCampus is a digital platform which allows employers to offer personalized benefits & rewards to their employees. Over 100 companies are currently using YourCampus!

Employees using YourCampus can now use their monthly budget to fund climate action and get access to:

1️ Fully traceable funding - knowing exactly when and where your money ends up🔎

2 High-quality climate action - support a certified and carefully selected carbon removal project 🌍

3️ Full insights - get access to all climate project details and to proof of the purchased carbon credit 🙋

So if you're using YourCampus already: look for Cawa in your app and start making an impact today!

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