We're on a mission to bring back trust in the voluntary carbon market

The worlds needs to finance climate action on a scale like never seen before.  We need to remove CO2 out of the atmosphere at such a rate that we cannot continue wasting precious time. The voluntary carbon market can be used to finance much needed climate projects, but faces critical issues that decrease its trust and therefor its growth.

The market completely lacks transparency on where climate funding ends up, still many carbon credits exist from projects with limited climate impact and companies struggle to communicate transparently about the use of carbon credits.

With Cawa, we bring back trust in the voluntary carbon market by building an infrastructure for tracaeble, high-quality carbon removal credits for companies and their stakeholders.

Restoring nature and removing carbon at the same time
Amsterdam KW9 Office Space

Working remote, based in Amsterdam

Our team lives all over Europe and works fully remote. We place trust in our colleagues and let everyone choose the way of working that fits best. We're working on a global problem, with climate projects and clients all over the world, so a global team fits the job.

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