Red Card to Qatar World Cup's Greenwashing

November 24, 2023

Brand new colossal stadiums, air-conditioned to battle the desert heat, coupled with millions of flights from fans worldwide. Despite these facts, FIFA still labeled the 2022 Qatar World Cup as "carbon neutral".

Does this strike you as greenwashing? You're not alone.

The Swiss Fairness Commission, Switzerland's advertising regulator, has mandated FIFA to abstain from misrepresenting the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar as "climate and CO2 neutral" in the future.

Let's briefly break down the shortcomings found in FIFA's carbon neutral claim:

• The event's carbon emissions have been significantly downplayed 📉

• The carbon credits used are of low quality, sourced from a novel carbon credit standard created exclusively for this event 📑

• The number of carbon credits purchased falls far short of what's needed to compensate for the under-estimated emissions 📊

There was a lack of transparency surrounding the calculations and carbon credits used, leading to fans being misguided about the tournament's environmental impact.

It's hoped that the Swiss regulator's recommendations will prompt FIFA to institute meaningful changes for upcoming tournaments. This includes improving carbon accounting, sourcing high-quality carbon credits, ensuring transparency, and avoiding misuse of the "carbon neutral" label.

Looking forward to a future where fans can concentrate on enjoying spectacular football during the World Cup, without the shadow of environmental concerns! ⚽️🌍

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