Public API Launch

November 24, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our public API!

Our API is here to help businesses take real, effective action against climate change. It will help you to seamlessly integrate climate contributions into your business.

Our APIs let you make climate contributions with:

High-quality climate projects. We've analyzed over 120 climate projects from the most reputable carbon credit standards in the world, and selected a high-quality carbon removal portfolio. 🌳

Full traceability of funding. Know exactly where your money ends up. Sourcing carbon credits directly from the climate projects enables us to give full traceability of your climate funding. 🔍

Full insight for your consumers. Your consumers and employees know exactly where climate funding ends up and what the climate impact is. Back up your sustainability efforts with transparency. 🙋

Here are a few examples of how you can integrate with our API:

Carbon footprint platforms: Our API can be easily plugged into your carbon accounting or carbon footprint platform. Give your clients a traceable and credible way to purchase carbon credits via your platform. We'll handle everything in the background, while your clients stay in your platform. 📉

Online checkouts: Integrating our API into your online store's checkout process allows customers to contribute to climate projects with every purchase or transaction they make. 💻

Product contributions: Imagine the impact if every product sold contributed to climate projects? Now, you can add a climate contribution for each item sold, even for physical products, using our API. 🛒

Explore our public API today and discover how you can integrate climate action into your business in a few easy steps. 🌍🌱

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