New Partnership Announcement: Ecochain

November 24, 2023

Happy to announce that we've partnered with to empower companies in their sustainability journey.

🌿 The offering:

Together we can provide companies with a comprehensive Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), emission reduction insights, and neutralization of residual emissions. Ecochain offers LCA software, resources and services to help companies reduce their product's environmental footprint. Cawa takes care of the carbon compensation and makes everything from LCA to compensation visible per product sold. Taking responsibility for your climate impact and communicating this to your customers or stakeholders is now more accessible than ever.

🏷 Carbon Labels: 

Companies can now display carbon labels on their packaging, easily accessible via a QR code. Through Cawa customers can directly view:

🔹The CO2eq impact of the product (through Ecochain)

🔹Choices that have been made to lower the product’s footprint (through Ecochain)

🔹How the residual emissions are compensated (through Cawa)

🔎 About Ecochain:

Ecochain is an LCA software company with customers in 20+ countries and a broad range of industries, including construction, food & beverages, consumer electronics, apparel, and packaging. Ecochain provides two solutions: Helix, which efficiently measures product LCAs in bulk, and Mobius, an easy-to-use product LCA tool for product designers.

Transparency & Trust:

We believe that drastic increases in transparency are essential to create trust in corporate climate actions. We're striving to put an end to vague and unverifiable claims. Companies that embrace this level of transparency can become pioneers in their respective industries.

🔄 Open Dialogue for Continuous Improvement:

By being candid about sustainability efforts, we are promoting an open dialogue about areas for improvement. We recognize that every company is on its own unique sustainability journey, constantly learning and evolving. Being transparent about this process is beneficial for all involved parties.

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