Building trust in company climate action

November 24, 2023

Carbon Market Watch recently highlighted several ways forward to improve carbon markets. All with the goal of getting the much needed funding for climate projects.

• Putting a fair price on carbon (WWF advises $50-250/ton CO2)💰

• Building trust through transparency🔎

• Moving from conventional offsets to climate contributions 🌏

Cawa is working on exactly these topics, building software that:

• Gives access to high-quality, fair-priced climate projects🌲

• Creates traceability of funding and impact 💵

• Encourages climate contributions instead of carbon neutral claims ⚖️

Get access to Cawa to fund carbon removal projects. 100% traceability of funds, high-integrity climate projects and full transparency for your consumers or employees. 💚

Carbon Market Watch article: click here

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