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User-level traceability

Every transaction is traceable on the Cawa infrastructure. Easy to understand project information and clear carbon impact. Build trust through full traceability.

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Easy setup & integration

Our APIs help developers integrate climate action into company software quickly. And our web app makes the setup easy for everyone else.

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High-integrity projects

We carefully select the best projects in the market using a solid methodology based on the work of the University of Oxford and the CCQI. You just pick the projects you like most.


Setup integrated climate action easily

The Cawa web app helps you setup and manage your climate action program easily. Track contributions on the dashboard or set up a new program.

With the Cawa APIs, you have all the tools you need to automate climate action in your business. Every sale, order, or other event can trigger a climate contribution, making it easy to align your business with your sustainability goals.

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All customer climate action in one place

Customers can trace all your company’s climate contributions through Cawa. They get access to proof of the carbon impact and project information of the projects you support.

Integrate climate action into anything

Climate action as employee benefit

Cawa makes climate contributions per employee simple and clear. Your employees keep track of the contributions and their impact via their own dashboard. Your total climate impact can be displayed in real time on your website, helping you to attract top talent.

Integrate climate action into your product or service

Cawa enables climate contributions on an individual product level. Integrate Cawa using our APIs and let your consumers know about your positive impact, one product at a time.

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