Integrate traceable climate action into your business

Cawa helps companies take climate action while engaging customers and employees. Get access to high quality carbon removal projects with full traceability of impact and funding.

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Our REST API allows your company to contribute to high-quality climate projects. You can contribute on behalf of your customer or employee and share insights on the climate contribution with them.

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The Cawa infrastructure builds trust
in the carbon markets

Traceability of funding

Know exactly where your money ends up. Sourcing carbon credits directly from the climate projects enables us to give full traceability of your climate funding.
Solving the current problem: 
Right now, up to 85% of funding going to carbon credits ends up at middlemen. Far from ideal. Cawa wants to maximize funding for climate action.

High-quality climate projects

We've analyzed over 120 climate projects from the most reputable carbon credit standards in the world, and selected a high-quality carbon removal portfolio.
Solving the current problem: 
Unfortunately, the majority of carbon credits don't live up to the "1 credit = 1 ton of CO2" promise. We aim to contribute to increase quality in the carbon market.

Full insight for consumers and employees

Your consumers and employees know exactly where climate funding ends up and what the climate impact is. Back up your sustainability efforts with transparency.
Solving the current problem: 
Consumers and employees now have no clue whether your sustainability efforts are having real impact. Cawa offers transparancy like no other.

Get access to a high-quality carbon removal portfolio

We've analyzed over 120 climate projects from the most reputable carbon credit standards, and selected a high-quality carbon removal portfolio.

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Afforestation project

Growing forests is a proven and scalable carbon removal method. Next to carbon removal, forests create many co-benefits.

Biochar project

Transforming waste biomass into biochar for agricultural use can store carbon for hundreds of years and improve crop yields.

Enhanced weathering projectEnhanced weathering project
Enhanced weathering

An innovative carbon removal method that accelerates natural weathering of silicate rock, storing carbon permanently.

Direct air capture project
Direct air capture

New technologies using chemical or physical processes to extract carbon from the ambient air and store it permanently.